Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood lived with her mother in the woods. One day she decides to see her grandmother, and she was bringing her a nice cake in her lovely basket. On her way she met a wolf who asked her where she is going. She said: ‘’I’m going to see my grandmother. She lives in a house behind those trees‘’. She didn’t know that Mr. Wolf is a very bad wolf. He ran to her grandma’s house and ate her. He put grandma’s clothes and went to her bed so he can trick unknowing Little Red Riding Hood. When she reached the house, she knocked at the door but grandma didn’t open. So she opened the door and went to see where the grandma is. She came to the bedroom and looked at the wolf and asked: ‘Granny, what big eyes you have!’ And then the wolf replied ‘All the better to see you with!’ Then she looked at his ears and said: ‘Granny, what big eyes you have!’, and the wolf said: ‘All the better to hear you with!’

At that point, Little Red Riding Hood got a little suspicious, and she looked at his nose and asked: ‘Granny, what a big nose you have!’, and the wolf said: ‘All the better to smell you with!’. Then she said: ‘Granny, what big teeth you have!’, and the wolf shouted: ‘All the better to eat you with!’

Little Red Riding Hood realized that it was a wolf and she started to scream and yell for help. A woodcutter was in the woods at the moment and heard the loud scream, and soon as he heard the scream he ran towards the house. He hit the wolf, who opened his mouth so wide that grandma managed to jump out and escape. The scared wolf ran away and never returned again.

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